Dis-arming the public again.


Ok, I’ve been putting some thought to this.

He’s not the first head of state to have a picture of this pose

We live in a world where guns and gun violence is glorified in all manner of media and young children are never exposed to responsible gun owners unless their family members own and use firearms in a responsible fashion.

So I propose the we lobby Congress to institute a ban on all media that glorify gun violence such as movies, television, music, video games, printed matter.

I do understand that the film industry and some musical genres will suffer greatly but I feel this is a good idea.

I grew up in the Vietnam era and my father was a police officer. I played with toy guns when I was a child.

I have had to defend myself and others twice with a firearm but I have never gone into a grocery store or public school and shot up the place.

The second amendment is there to protect us from those that might enslave us not to irritate people that are afraid because they have never been exposed to responsible gun owners.

So no more grand theft auto. No more action films. No more gangster hip hop and before you start with the censorship argument. Biden says “Biden says “the Second Amendment is not absolute”. If that is the case neither is the First Amendment. You need to take that crap over to Facebook where it belongs.

Thanks for your time.

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