Opinion on Abortion 2022

With the over turning of Roe v. Wade the future of abortion rights are uncertain and the mass hysteria has begun. The Democratic party has done their best to fan the flames of unrest. That seems to be the way they roll concerning anything that might get them some political traction. That seems to be the only thing they are good at anymore.

Personally I really don’t see a difference between cutting up a child in the womb and sucking it out of its mother with the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner and cutting up a two year old with a chainsaw. I really don’t recommend either course of action. I just really don’t see a difference. 

Now this is my own opinion and your mileage may vary. You’re welcome to have your own opinion as I am entitled to mine.

There are reasons I feel the way I do about the abortion issue and I will expound on my personal opinion so maybe you will understand why I feel the way I do.

Example 1: In the early 2000’s I received a phone call from my 1st wife and mother of my oldest children. She informed me that my 16 year old had become impregnated by some young man and when he was informed that daddy-hood was in his future he disappeared faster than a wisp of smoke in a high breeze leaving her holding the “Baby Bag” you might say. 

My ex-wife called one evening to inform me of this development in hopes that I would run down to their home and convince my daughter to have an abortion post hast. Back then I really didn’t have a firm stand on the abortion issue. I really hadn’t thought much about it. I had always made it clear to my kids that there were consequences for every thing they did good or bad and one decision could change they’re life forever.

So the next morning I headed out for Casa De Meth also known as Bubba’s Gate down in the Trinity River Bottoms outside of Seagoville Texas.

My Daughter was sitting out on the front porch when I arrived and as I exited the car I could see she was terrified. I had never laid a hand on her in anger but her Mothers bunch were kind of rough.I was welcomed by her mother and grandmother then they left us alone to discuss the situation.

I told my daughter she was now an adult and part of being an adult is making very difficult decisions. She needed to decide if she was capable of taking care of a small child. If she couldn’t abortion or adoption was her other choices. I also told her that her Mother, Grandmother and I couldn’t make the decision for her. She had to make a choice (That seemed almost pro-choice. Didn’t it?). 

We talked for a while longer and at the end I told her that my Personal opinion was to have the baby and if she couldn’t take care of it she could go with adoption and find the baby a good home. I made it clear that that was my opinion but it was not my choice to make. I kissed her on the head and headed home.

We soon had a beautiful baby girl come into our life named Kaylee and she is still the apple of my eye and is a grown woman living her own life. That  doesn’t speak to me because of the abortion issue.

Example 2: For about a year after my 1st wife and I broke up I really didn’t have any interest in getting into another relationship. I was in my 20’s and working security in various topless clubs around the Dallas Metro area. For most of that year I didn’t have more than a friendly relationship with any of the ladies working in those establishments.

Then I met Suzy. Suzy was a security groupie and I met her through a co-worker. She decided she wanted to get her hands on the guy that none of the female dancers, waitresses or bartenders pin down. She succeeded. We had an off and on relationship for several years. 

After our last break up I went on my way and developed other relationships but Suzy was always in the background because of that co-worker friend of mine.

After our last breakup I found out that Suzy was the “Pass Around Girl”. She had made the rounds of all the guys in the company at least once. A few months after my last break up with Suzy Carl (my co-worker) started to try to shame me about something concerning Suzy. I couldn’t figure out what it might be due to him being so cryptic. 

He finally came out and told me that about two months after our last breakup she had found out she was pregnant and that she had told him that it was mine. She had gone and had an abortion and had spent some time adt his home recuperating.

I was flabbergasted. She had never tried to contact me about this. It was her decision to go have an abortion without letting me be involved in the decision. I would have taken the child and raised it the best I could but I wasn’t even consulted.

I haven’t spoken to her since

So I have some emotional baggage concerning abortions. This has brought me into conflict with a member of my family that doesnt speak to me because of the abortion issue. I find this very sad and a bit ironic because she is the unborn child in example one. 

Listen closely and I will lay it out my opinion for you

  1. In the case of Rape, Incest or Medical need Abortion should be available (Otherwise see items 2 thru 6
  2. If it has a heartbeat its a baby
  3. If it doesn’t have a heartbeat it’s a tumor
  4. If it takes you more than 3 ½ Months ( 15 weeks ) to decide wiether to have an abortion your an idiot and need to be sterilized
  5.   Your Body, Your Choice works just as well before you get pregnant as it does after.
  6. If you are Gay or Lesbian why are you in the dicussion

So I hope this clears the air a little bit. I look forward to your comments on this issue.

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