Rosewell, Rest in Peace

This article was originally posted ‎January ‎3rd ‎2013 on my paranormal /UFO blog “Paranormal Stuff for the Simple Minded” Enjoy.

At Fort Worth Army Air Field, Major Jesse A. Marcel (looking left) of Houma, LA – holding foil debris from Roswell, New Mexico, UFO incident, 07/08/1947

After some contemplation I think it is time to put the incident at Roswell in 1947 to rest.

It has been sixty years and no more is known about what happened there than we new twenty years ago. The only people that might have a problem with moving on to more recent occurrences are those that make their living from keeping that incident alive .

Author and Lecturer Stanton Friedman is one of the biggest offenders in that category.

for those that don’t know former physicist Stanton Friedman went down to Louisiana in February 1978 and dug up an old TV repairman Jesse Marcel that contradicted his story from 30 years earlier but old Stan decided to run with it anyway. by 1980 Stanton had brought in Charles Berlitz onboard and cash started to roll on in. . Yes, Charles Berlitz. The guy most notable for his language courses onboard and cash started to roll on in.

Anyway, so Stan finds this guy who contradicts himself on the original story. He backs it up with a newspaper article and away he goes. He’s been making a living off of it ever since.

No I am not saying that Jesse Marcel didn’t see something in Roswell New Mexico in 1947. What he saw I have no idea.

A lot of people have made a substantial amount of money keeping this incident alive but it is time to let it go. It was a good run.

Look were never going to know for sure who shot JFK. We are never going to Know for sure that men have been on the moon. Were never going to know why Jay Novella over at skeptics guide can’t pronounce a “T” in the middle of a word. So why can’t we get all of these hot shot UFO investigator to focus on something more recent like the O’Hare airport incident or the recent sightings in Greenville and Stephenville (not Stephens Ville) Texas. Guys get a new shtick.

I will tell you why they can’t move on. You can’t sell books about UFO’s in Greenville, Texas.

Call me a liar STAN.

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A Word From The Board

This was originally posted over at Facebook July 12, 2010. It is probably a good thing to keep in mind while visiting the website. Enjoy.

Greetings, I am the duly elected representative for Richards personalities.

The majority of us would like to apologize for some of the rude actions taken by others in our group. Whereas most of Richards actions require a majority vote of our group we cannot control the actions of those personalities that want to act shamefully in their off hours.

We would like to assure you that we are working feverishly to bring these rogue elements in our group under control.

Please bear with us during this period of adjustment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lord Rupert Jamison McClarrin Rose III

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Red Texas

Well here we are. It’s just been a few days since the 2022 midterm elections and it appears that Republicans have won both houses of congress. Thank god that here in Texas we were spared the damage that Frances O’Rourke (AKA Beto) could have unleashed on our great state but we will save that for later.

Let’s talk about the change in the political makeup here in Texas. Let’s look at my personal experience. 


I was born in the 1960’s during the Kennedy administration. Grew up in the 60’ and 70’ (Decades of the greatest music ever written). Today I can see that there has been a huge amount of change here in the last 60 years. 

At the time of the 1960 Presidential election (Kennedy) the State of Texas was very blue. My grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Parents were all die hard Democrats. This is because My grandparents lived through the Roosevelt era and the rest were enamored with the young and vibrant president embodied by John F. Kennedy.

These were the glory days for the Democratic party in Texas when they weren’t out hanging and shooting black and Hispanics out in the woods, doing everything in their power to stop non white children from going to school and making sure that Whites and Non Whites didn’t mix in public places. I was even told by my Father who was a member of law enforcement in Dallas county for 40 years that in the 60’s and 70’ that the mafia was in control of Dallas county and found out from personal experience that this continued into the early 1980’s all under the Democratic leadership of the time.

Presidential election map 1960

Now don’t get me wrong. The Republican party has had its flaws. Richard Nixon, George Bush Jr. (who was handed a job he wasn’t prepared for) among others. There are a few bad apples in every barrel But The Democratic party today are not leaders, they depend on bullying us into submission and lining their pockets instead of working towards helping the common citizen and inspiring unity instead of division. 

We are subjected to Men participating in women’s sports, Sex education in kindergarten, Paying off other peoples bill, Not being to buy groceries for our family or even buy gas to get to work and and let’s not forget the GREEN NEW DEAL. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

An example of one of the technologies they are in the process of forcing on us by driving gas prices through the roof is electric cars. During one of the recent hurricanes in Florida the electric vehicles were catching fire from the ocean water that was flooding some of the streets (mostly because most people that are to stupid to not drive through high water). But that’s not the best part. From the time the fire department would show up to put out the fire it took as much as 4 hours to get the fire completely extinguished. It takes less than an hour with gas fueled cars 

Midterm election results 2022

So the people of Texas have sent a message by the recent election. RED is alive in the Republic of Texas. Thank you Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator for turning the tide. I would be an avid Texan even if it were still blue but I sleep better knowing that there is hope for the future.

BTW Beto is looking for a job. You got any yard work he can do? 

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Gun Media

Ok, I’ve been putting some thought to this.

We live in a world where guns and gun violence is glorified in all manner of media and young children are never exposed to responsible gun owners unless their family members own and use firearms in a responsible fashion.

So I propose that we lobby Congress to institute a ban on all media that glorifies gun violence such as movies, television, music, video games, printed matter. I do understand that the film industry and some musical genres will suffer greatly but I feel this is a good idea.

I grew up in the Vietnam era and my father was a police officer. As a child I couldn’t walk through the house I grew up in without being able to reach out and put my hand on a firearm. I never did this of course because my father would have set my backside on fire. We could also use more “Whoopin’s” too but that is a subject for another post.

As a child I played with toy guns. As an adult I have had to defend myself and others three different times with a firearm but I have never gone into a grocery store or public school and shot up the place.

The second amendment is there to protect us from those that might enslave us not to irritate people that are afraid because they have never been exposed to responsible gun owners.

So no more grand theft auto. No more action films. No more gangster hip hop and before you start with the censorship argument think about where you’re reading this.

Thanks for your time.

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