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KCARES Member Letter End Of Month 07-26-2021

Hello Everybody, I know I have been very quiet over the last month and I do apologize.

I will be needing to send my monthly report to the SEC in a few days and I need some information from you folks.

Last month we had Field day and that covered what we needed as far as training hours but I need your activity numbers for this month. We have to show we are active even though we still face some considerable obstacles. I have added training to the website http://www.kcares.info/ that you can count for training this month. please check the Training tab. We also have two ARES nets that you can check into that will count as training as well.

  • Henderson County ARES Training Nets Second Tuesday 7pm 146.90 MHz 136.5
  • Mesquite ARES The Third Tuesday at 9:00pm on 442.625 (+) PL110.9 (When their 2m repeater is repaired the net will be on 145.31 110.9)

Training at the Website

And we will be adding more as I come across it.

We also need to get our initial training completed

  • A.R.E.S. task book at least section one and sent to me for your file
  • Copies of your FEMA training certificates for your file
  • When you complete your SKYWARN training I need a copy of that for your file (at the this time I have mine and one other team member’s SKYWARN information. I think. )

I finished the first section of the task book in a couple of afternoons

Moving forward I need this information from you before the end of each month

  • Checkins to a public service net (ARES, RACES, NTS, Other Public Service related nets) 1 hour
  • Net Control for a public service net 1 hour
  • SKYWARN Net 1 hour or actual time
  • Fema training 1 hour or actual time
  • SKYWARN Training 2 hours per class or actual time
  • Off the air meeting 1 hour or actual time

That’s not everything but you get the idea I hope.

This is the information I need every month for my report to the SEC

  • Total ARES Members
  • Training Sessions (On the Air, in person, or other)
  • Training Hours
  • Public Service Events
  • Public Service Hours
  • SKYWARN Events
  • SKYWARN Hours
  • Emergency Operations Events
  • Emergency Operations

The other stuff listed above are records I have to maintain here.

We need to have a meeting and at this time the only option we have is Discord server. Please download the phone APP or the App for your desktop and get signed in and verified there. There is a link at the bottom of the sidebar on the website. If you have any issues getting signed up or making it work contact Colten W2CEW or myself and we will help you. Meetings are one of the things we need to do as well at least once a month. Please don’t put me in the position of making these meetings mandatory. We only had three team members that show up for the last one and one that had trouble getting in. If you would like to have a meeting before the end of this month let me know.

——————This information will be deleted for posting on the website and Facebook——————

——————and will not be discussed there. If you have questions contact me Directly——————

Please check your Email

——————This information will be deleted for posting on the website and Facebook——————

——————and will not be discussed there. If you have questions contact me Directly——————

So, I am not trying to be a jerk. I have obligations in my position as EC. I haven’t heard from some of you in over a month and we all need to be communicating. If you don’t want to contact me directly contact one of the AEC’s.

Please remember we are 4 months from going live with the weather service and county emergency management. We need to be trained and ready. Remember we are not in ARES so we can tell people we are in ARES. We have a job to do and we need to be ready.

I value each and every member of our team and I know we will be capable of great things. Please help me make this group thrive.


Richard Bailey KB5JBV

Emergency Coordinator Kaufman County A.R.E.S.

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