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From the EC 07/05/2021

From the EC

Hello folks and welcome to month two. We are making tremendous progress in pulling the organization together and I want to thank all of you for doing such a great job.

We need to address how we are going to keep the momentum up this month.

This week I contacted my buddy Rick The Sign Man concerning generic name badges for our group. He informed me that there will be no problem getting those to you should you decide to get one. My name badge had to be approved by the Section Manager so I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t have an issue. You are not required to have a name badge but it is helpful in identifying you as part of our group if we are working with other organizations. Please order the ARES badges and not the Emcomm badges. Rick’s website can be found at https://www.thesignman.com/clubs/aresraces.html

We need to be doing training and since we don’t have a way to do this on air at the moment I had to try and improvise.

This week I sent out an email to the EC’s in Van Zandt and Henderson counties and the EC in the city of Mesquite asking if we can piggy back on there training sessions until we are able to establish our own training nets. The only one I have heard back from so far is Mesquite. Please do your best to attend their monthly ARES net this month and going forward until we can make other arrangements. here is their info: 9:00pm on 442.625 (+) PL110.9 The third Tuesday of the month. Do not check into the net on the second Tuesday that is a RACES net. Please let me know if you attend that net or another ARES training net let me know so I can log that information for my monthly report to headquarters. I will keep you informed of any changes.

I would also like to ask you to do some basic training this month via an audio file of a training session I did a few years ago. We need to start with the basics so you old timers please bare with me as we work up to the more advanced stuff. It was an actual podcast episode so please excuse the music and intro on the front and back of the file. Sandor gets a pass on this one. He was calling the net that night. This will count for an hour. Please let me know when you have listened to it. There should be a player on the page. The training actually starts at 4:30 and you can find it at:


We need to utilize the KCARES Discord server. If you are not familiar with Discord. It will allow us to communicate via Text, Voice and Video a lot like a Zoom call. I called a meeting on the server last month and only 4 team members showed up. I give Scott credit because he tried and I didn’t get to him quick enough to assign him access. Until we have on air communications we really need to use this tool. You can access it via a web browser or there is an App for Phone and desktop/ laptop/ tablet. If you have trouble getting it setup please contact me or Colten and we will help you set it up. I try to watch the server when I’m at my computer and I will be able to check it from work on breaks and lunch. Just login and follow the instructions to Verify and your in. here is a direct link into the server https://discord.gg/kft26F7Ps7

I have also tried over the past few weeks to contact some of the repeater owners I know on the edge of our county to temporarily use their machines until we have our own working machine. I have received no response. So here is what I propose. We need to start using the 145.190 110.9 AK5DX repeater for non ARES communication. What I mean by that is we will not have a net there unless I can get in touch with Billy and he says it is OK. We will also have to bare in mind that this machine is used as a backup for Mesquite ARES, RACES and the HAM association of mesquite so if they need the machine they have priority. This is the best we can do for now.

We also need to continue to grow our membership. We have Social Media but that’s not enough. Without a repeater we are surely at a disadvantage. I need each and every one of you to do your best to promote ARES in Kaufman County to every radio operator you meet. Sometimes its as simple as mentioning it in a conversation. I want you to be proud of being a part of the Kaufman County ARES Team and if that is the case it will show when you talk about it to other radio operators. If you have a place to display some signs we can make some up and I can even bring you some business cards with my contact information on them. Lets try to make some noise so everybody knows we’re here.

There is so much more but I think that is a good start for this month. If any of you have questions please use the Facebook groups, Discord, Talk groups, whatever it takes to get a hold of me, Colten or Sandor so we can help you.

Thanks for being part of the team and I continue to look forward to working with all of you

Richard KB5JBV

EC Kaufman County ARES

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