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From the EC 10/31/2021

Kaufman County ARES October Update

Hello everybody,

We had our annual Simulated Emergency Test last 2 weeks of this month and turnout was a little low. This gets me to thinking we have a long way to go to be ready for storm season in the spring. So I think we need to re-align priorities.

We currently have an ARES member that is experimenting with Winlink and hopefully he will be able to become the hub for a small Winlink system in our county. For those of you that are recently licensed Winlink is a system for sending email type messages via amateur radio independent of infrastructure. If any of you are interested in getting involved with this project please contact me and I will get you pointed in the right direction.

We will also be looking for those stations that have a weather station up where the data is accessible from the internet via APRS or some other service.

Here in the county we will also establish a presence on a VHF simplex frequency so that everybody will know where meet when an alert goes out. When enough of you start using it we will establish a training net. We could do training now if enough of you will sign up for the ARES server at Discord.

We are still working on a repeater here in the county and have an agreement with a repeater owner in Mesquite to use his machine for non ARES use but I haven’t approached him about ARES because we are currently secondary to the ARES / RACES group in Mesquite.

We also need all ARES members in Kaufman County to attend a SKYWARN school as soon as they become available around the first of the year. If you are not SKYWARN certified you will not be able to give spotter reports during a Weather net. Not that you will be left out but you maybe limited to flooding, damage reports, etc. We work with the Weather Service during a SKYWARN Net and the Weather service wants spotter reports from trained people. We also participate in joint weather nets with Henderson County because they have a direct line to NWS during SKYWARN Net activation. We also participate with Mesquite to a lesser degree. Rumor has it we may have to cover mesquite sometime in the future.

Lastly, over the past few weeks I have sent out two test alerts for ARES via text message to your phones and the first message showed it was delivered to 2 of you and the second showed delivered to three of you. If you want to be alerted when we have an ARES activation please make sure that your phone is not blocking the phone number 214-264-1066. This is the way we will let you know if we have a net coming up or are needed in some other way by emergency management or the weather service.

If you have decided that you no longer wish to be part of our team that’s ok. Our emergency plan is built around how many folks we have on the team. So if we build it for the current 9 people on the roster and we actually only have 3 or 4 it will fail when we are needed.

You can contact me at all of the links below if you have questions or comments. Please contact me.

Emergency Coordinator Kaufman County ARES
President Kaufman County Amateur Radio Association

Email:       kb5jbv@gmail.com
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/kb5jbv
Twitter:     www.twitter.com/kb5jbv
MeWE:      mewe.com/i/richardbailey31
Tumblr      https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/resonant-frequency-podcast
Discord:    https://discord.gg/TRkKccKjjY

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