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From the EC: KCARES-Letter-08-06-2021

Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well.

We have now entered month three of our A.R.E.S. group in Kaufman county. We still have a lot of work to do to be ready if we are needed.

First I need to let everybody know that Nick WA6GPW is needing help getting his tower up so he can provide eyes on the ground in the far south end of the county. If you can get down there to give him a hand let me know via email and I will get his email address to you.

We did not have an A.R.E.S. meeting last month but we will be having one this month. I will send that out as a separate message.

Next recruiting. We had a burst of folks sign up for A.R.E.S. when we first announced the formation of the group. Since then we haven’t had one new person sign up. We need to be talking up our origination. We currently have seven members to cover the entire county and one of those lives in an adjacent county. We especially need to talk up A.R.E.S. in the less populated portions of Kaufman County like Combine, Scurry / Rosser and others. This doesn’t mean we need to forget Forney, Terrell and Kaufman. Word of mouth is our most important tool. So please talk up A.R.E.S. whenever you can find an opportunity. I am currently trying to get my hands on some A.R.E.S. fliers from the league if you know where we could put some of these out so they can be seen by the public let me know.

Training. We have worked a deal with Mesquite A.R.E.S. and Henderson county A.R.E.S. for you to check into their A.R.E.S. training nets. I or one of the AECs will be checking into those nets so we can make sure you get credit for them. Days and times are as follows.

Henderson County A.R.E.S. 2nd Tuesday at 7 pm on 146.90 repeater -600 PL 136.5

Mesquite A.R.E.S. 3rd Tuesday at 9:00pm on 442.625 (+) PL 110.9 until their VHF machine is repaired Then it will be 145.310 PL 110.9

And I have mentioned this previously. I need copies of your initial training materials so I can get them in your files.

  • Section 1 of you training task book
  • any FEMA certificates
  • SKYWARN training certificates
  • Any other public service or emergency communications training
  • and if you are participating in any A.R.E.S. / R.A.C.E.S. / N.T.S. nets or training I need that by the end of each month

Lastly, I haven’t heard from some of you since you joined the group. All I have in your file is your registration form. Sadly if I don’t hear from you by the end of the month I will be forced to list you as inactive. I have to report to the Section Emergency Coordinator each what is going on here concerning A.R.E.S. every month and sooner or later he may wish to see our paperwork. I can’t show him training records if I don’t have them and we can’t function as a cohesive unit if we are not communicating. Let’s all try to be a little more active this month. I don’t want to see our team fail. If for no other reason there is a huge chunk of our county that is not covered by the surrounding counties and there is even a gap in the middle of the county that isn’t even covered by weather service radar. If you want to know more about that let me know. We are here to prove we are asset when needed but I can’t do it alone. Hope to hear from all of you soon


Richard KB5JBV

Emergency Coordinator Kaufman County A.R.E.S.

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