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Joint operating event

Hello everybody, I would like to announce our one week joint operating event for the Club and ARES.

Starting 08/18/2021 and running until 08/25/2021 We encourage everybody to get on the air here in Kaufman county. Some of the club members around the county that have home stations will be keeping their stations on so you can try to contact them and you may others that are participating in the event and be able to contact them. Depending on how things work out we may start having this event every month and even might try to turn it in to a contest. We will see.

The stations that have signed on to monitor are:

  • Sandor KG4FET in Kaufman 146.420 Mhz 2 meters 439.625 with a tone of 203.5 power out 40 watts
  • Colton W2CEW in Kaufman 146.420 Mhz. @ Meters Posted when updated
  • Richard KB5JBV in Terrell 146.420 Mhz. 2 Meters 440.800 Mhz. Crossband no tone power out 50 watts
  • Lowell K9LDW in Forney 146.420 Mhz. @ Meters Posted when updated

These stations will be active as time allows. These folks have to go to work and spend time with there familys as well. But that doesn’t stop you from making other contacts.

If you would like to add yourself to this list contact me. You may add yourself to the list up until the end of the event.

Please feel free to make contact with anybody you here on frequency. We will probably be using these frequencies even after we have a repeater in place. There is also a strong possibility that we will be starting a weekly net on these frequencies as well.

Find the newest updates as we go forward on the clubs Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/kcara/

So come and join us. I look forward to chatting with each and every one of you.

Let the festivities begin

Richard KB5JBV

President Kaufman County Amateur Radio Association

EC Kaufman County Texas A.R.E.S.

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