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Kaufman County ARES letter 03/04/2022

Kaufman County ARES letter 03/04/2022

Greetings team, It has been a challenging year so far personally and sorry about getting with you earlier.

We have been in business here in the county for about 8 months now. I appreciate those that have been with us since the start and want to welcome those that have recently joined our team.

So moving forward it is time to focus on some short term goals to help advance our ability to serve our various city and county government agencies and the non governmental agencies we assist with their Emcomm needs.

First, those of you that are currently SKYWARN certified please send me a copy of you certificate from your most recently attended SKYWARN training. For those that haven’t attended SKYWARN school or haven’t attended Skywarn training in the last 2 years there are still a couple of virtual SKYWARN training sessions left for this year. You can find the list of those here. If you are not able to attend any of these training sessions this will not make you ineligible to work with the ARES team here in the county but it will restrict operation during storm spotter events but not normal ARES operation outside of a SKYWARN Net. If you have Questions please email me at kb5jbv@gmail.com

We still do not have access to a repeater in Kaufman county but we are in desperate need of training sessions so I need to hear as far as what you feel may be the best option for putting together a regular meeting / training session. We currently have a discord server where we can do text / voice and video that is a lot like Zoom or Skype but is free and can be used from a phone, tablet, laptop or desk top. Another option is an in person meeting if we can find a meeting location that is located in the county where we could have an in person meeting for an hour to 2 hours once a month or a simplex net on the air but with the large number of operators using low power hand held radios this might be an issue. We do have access to a couple of DMR talk groups that we could use but not everybody has access to DMR. I would like to hear your thoughts on all of this as well.

We are also in need moving forward some volunteers to supervise and kind of take charge of smaller portions of our team the higher population areas in the county like Kaufman, Forney and Terrell as an assistant Emergency Coordinator. If you would like to find out more about that get with me. My door is always open.

Other things I would like your thoughts on are things like the use of mobile DMR in the county, We would like to attempt to build a local Winlink network in the county, Possible training topics, etc.

We are still at the beginning of our Emcomm organization and there is a huge amount of room for growth. Since you signed up with our team I assume you have a desire to to serve your community via Amateur Radio. So lets kick this organization into high gear. More than anything else we are the bridge between between Dallas and East Texas but we have had Tornadoes, Water outages, Gas main explosions, and we have several major rail lines that run through the county.

We are a team. Everybodies input is welcomed and valid. Our biggest asset is our team members.

I look forward to hearing from all of you


Richard KB5JBV

Kaufman County Emergency Coordinator


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