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Temporary Change Of Venue For The Upcoming Club Meeting 8-11-2021

Hello everybody, I just wanted to remind you that we are rapidly approaching the date of our second club meeting.

This month there will be a temporary change of venue and time for the club meeting.

Club meeting will be held on 08/17/2021 at the Cornerstone Baptist Church 113 SH-205 Terrell, TX 75160 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

For those of you that are familiar with Terrell that is north of the intersection of SH 206 and SH 80 almost next door to the Walmart supercenter. If you need directions and are unable to google the location get in touch with for directions. If you are disabled and need help getting into the building let me know in advance and we will make sure you have help getting in to the building.

We would like to thank the Cornerstone Baptist Church and April and Chris Kelm for helping us make this happen so quickly. It is my hope that by next month we are able to return to our previous meeting location.

I will be working on the meeting agenda this week as well. I strongly encourage every club member and A.R.E.S member to attend. If you have a topic that you would like added to the agenda please get in touch with me before Friday. We do have several unsettled priority issues that are currently blocking the club from moving forward. We will be discussing and vote on these at the upcoming. I understand more than most that life sometimes gets in the way but we are a crossroads of stagnation or prosperity. We have been rapidly moving forward and the current club officers would really prefer not to let that momentum dissipate.

While I am close to the subject let me insert a tangential topic. We need to add one more club officer to the mix, Club Treasurer. The job is a slam dunk. Since we have no dues, donations or cash flow at this time the workload is exceptionally light. The hours are far more flexible than the industry standard and telecommuting is encouraged. The current salary for this position three times that of any other amateur radio club treasure worldwide. But seriously there are programs out there that The club can participate in which will help use continue grow the club but to take advantage of them we need a full house where the club officers are concerned. So please get in touch with me if you are interested in filling this once in a lifetime world class position.

Lastly, Due to recent amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws we will be conducting and voting on club business at the next club meeting. So it is very important that you attend so your voice can be heard. We are a community. It’s not my club. It is our club. I’m just the guy driving this car down the highway with no brakes for now. This club belongs to you. It can be awesome of it can fail. It all depends on the membership.

We probably need to look for a newsletter editor as well.


Richard KB5JBV

Interim President

Kaufman County Amateur Radio Association

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