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Greetings Team, We are beginning to make progress getting our team out to the public and local served agencies.

First I would like to say a big thanks to Chris KI5KRP. Chris took the initiative and met with Steve Howie KK5AU Emergency Manager for Kaufman county. I spoke with Chris after his meeting with Steve and he told me that there was a positive vibe throughout. So we may be adding the county level EM office to our list of served agencies. Stay tuned for further develops on that.

We would also like to let you know that one of our assistant emergency Coordinators will be leaving us soon. Colten W2CEW will be moving soon to Lindale just a little ways further up I-20 and it is our hope that he thrives as he grows in Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications and that his family does the same in all of their endeavors. Colten, you will be missed.

So lets get down to the business part of our program.

We had our first real Skywarn event this past month and we were able to work with Henderson county. This was a great opportunity to see how seamlessly we can work with other organizations. Thanks to those that made it out that night.

I want to remind everybody that if you have attended a SKYWARN school in the last two years please send me a copy of your SKYWARN certificate so we can get you on the list of spotters we have. We send a copy of that list to the Emergency Coordinators in the surrounding counties so they know who you are if you show up on their net. If you have not attended a SKYWARN class in the last 2 years you may not have the opportunity to attend one until January.. SKYWARN classes normally are held in the first three months of the year but they may have more online classes sooner. Please check here from time to time https://www.weather.gov/fwd/skywarnmap in case they schedule some online classes before the first of the year.

We will be in the coming months working out procedures and a frequency plan for the ARES Team among other projects. Steve KK5AU may be able to get us hooked up with one of the repeaters still operating in the county and I have been told that there is another repeater in the work by one of the members of the Kaufman County Radio Club. We are also working on training as well for both on air and via live video online.

This brings us to training. As ARES members the ARRL has certain minimum training that they require and I have to maintain a file of that training in case at some point they want a copy of it. The Section EC, District EC, Division EC all the way up to the folks at the ARRL can request that information at any time and so far we are way behind. At this time we have been ARES in Kaufman county for 11 months. We currently have 10 active members and 3 on the inactive roster. 4 have SKYWARN Training. 1 has completed the first section of the ARES Task Book.

The ARES Task Book is our minimum amount of training. You will need to complete the first training level in the task book but most of it is optional but I really do need a copy of that for your files. If you decide to do the

IS-100.c- Intro to Incident Command System*

IS-700.b Introduction to National Incident Mgt. System*

SKYWARN – Spotter Basic Training (Biennially)

ARRL EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications

The training topics are free and optional in the first section of the task book.

IS-100 and IS-700 can be found at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute Website here: https://training.fema.gov/

The EC-001 Class can be found at the ARRL website and are free. You do not have to be an ARRL Member: http://www.arrl.org/online-course-catalog

and you can sign up for SKYWARN classes when they become available at the link above or here: https://www.weather.gov/fwd/skywarnmap

and you can find the ARES Task book here it is a PDF that you can edit and you can get it here: http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Public%20Service/ARES/ARRL-ARES-FILLABLE-TRAINING-TASK-BOOK-V2_1_1.pdf

It is also available in Microsoft Word format Here: http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Public%20Service/ARES/ARRL-ARES-STANDARDIZED-TRAINING-TASK-BOOK-V1_2_2.doc

as we move forward we will need to do more training to keep ourselves and others safe but for now I really need these Task Books for the files. I know that time is hard to come by but when you look at it you will see it really doesn’t take that much time.

Last but not least. Spread the word. Most of our potential future ARES Team already belong to ARES in the adjacent counties. They are members of Dallas, Ellis, Rockwall, Van Zandt, Henderson ARES because we didn’t have a team here. Now we do. So Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. All you have to do is talk about our group.

I heard a guy from the weather service telling some folks here while back that Kaufman county is kind of in a dead spot between the Fort Worth radar and the Shreveport radar because of the curvature of the earth so we need SKYWARN (Remember Forney, Remember Mabank) but there is so much more we do as ARES. The Space Shuttle recovery had Radio Operators from all over Texas and the surrounding States. Hurricane Katrina had operators from the Texas on the ground during the recovery including members of the HAM Association of Mesquite and folks from other clubs and ARES Teams in this part of Texas. I even spent one long cold night handing out water on the square in Kaufman because of a water main break in the county. So we need the team. We also need to do our best to grow our team. I am proud to have each and every on of you onboard. I would love to see 20 plus call signs on that roster by New Years and if we all work at it we can make it happen.

Lastly everybody try to go to the Kaufman County next month so you can shake Coltens hand before he goes.


Richard KB5JBV

EC Kaufman County ARES

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