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Notes for the ARES meeting held on The Discord 06/17/2021

  • If for any reason KE5IGO CHRIS HODGDON approaches you about Kaufman County ARES don’t discuss our group with him
    • If he persist in trying to discuss our group with you refer him to me at kb5jbv@arrl.net
  • Recruiting
    • Talk up Kaufman County ARES where ever you go.
    • Carry extra FSD-98 with you all the time
      • All Field Organization forms and other paper work are a free download at the ARRL website at www.arrl.org and you do not have to be a mamber to get them.
    • Tell people about the signup Form on the web
    • Hit “Share” on Facebook so the people in your friends list are sure to see it.
  • Communications
    • Repeater
      • K5RCP is still under repair
      • Look for possible locations to place a VHF machine if we have one offered
      • we need to borrow a machine somehow
    • We need to come up with a communication plan for county wide simplex operation
    • We also need to utilize the radio club talkgroup on TGIF 75142
      • I will be working on a DMR group for ARES soon
  • Meetings and Net
    • Start looking at possible places to have an in person meeting
      • The Firehouse in Kaufman would be perfect but we cant rule out other places
        • Resteraunts, warehouses, etc.
    • Part of the communications section is about getting regular net sessions underway for training and aclamating everybody to working under net conditions
  • Training
    • ARRL Mandated
    • Please try to read through the ARES manual
    • There will be some madatory training as we move forward
    • Most training will be optional
    • Team Training will be done via
      • Regular on the air nets
      • Ocasional video calls / meetings probably via Discord
      • ARES in person Meetings
  • Public Relations
    • Make connections with other operators from other organizations
    • Tell everybody you know about ARES and what we do
      • our purpose
      • the kind of situations we are called in for
      • how we work with public service organizations (Lions, Masons, etc.) in the community
      • how we work in the community out side of Weather
      • and lastly how we work with the national weather service during severe weather
    • Do the same on social media whenever possible
  • Other
    • We will be loosly based on the ICS model as far as structure
      • Structure will be based on the concept of managable span of control

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