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Greetings my legion of minions and my faithful followers. I have spent the last 22 hours putting a website for Kaufman county ARES

Greetings my legion of minions and my faithful followers. I have spent the last 22 hours putting a website for Kaufman county ARES and I am not finished yet but you are welcome to go over there and take a look around try to not touch to much the paint is still wet and the only contact form that works at this time is for the webmaster in case somebody breaks something while I am getting a little rest. Look around let me know what you think. I know that plenty of stuff still needs to be done but I’m a little tired and I’ll start again tomorrow after I get Brenda squared away.

PART THE SECOND. All my locals we need to be out spreading the good news of Amateur radio. We need to be preaching it in the streets and screaming it from every mountain top. There’s a new club in town and we will not be silenced. My good friend R.C. N5ORO came up with a fantastic idea last night and I think we need to go along. He has developed a PDF that talks about the club and we think that if we can get you folks to just present it to your Ham radio friends it may help us develop the critical mass that the KCARA needs to to become and unstoppable force in the amateur radio community and the hams of Kaufman county will be beating down the door just to be a part of the Bacon revolution that that is poised to take Kaufman county by storm. Here is all you have to do. Step the First: use this link


To download this invitation that that R. C. so loving crafted to invite radio operators in Kaufman county to come joins us while we achieve the monumental goal that is before us Second: Send the love letter to the to the porcine masses not only within our beloved county but in the surrounding spaces like Dallas, Henderson, Raines and Rockwall county and even to the lost tribes of the that have settled on the north side of the great body of water that the call the Cedar Creak lake. 3: ask your friends to disseminate this golden document of the new golden age of Amateur Radio enlightenment to all there friends via email, social media, even in person. With your help and the help of your friends and acquaintances we will sea new radio club rise from the ashes of the club that can before and a new golden age of Ham radio shall ensue that will endure for a thousand years and will echo down the halls of until even the gods shall raise their voices intone the sacred Mantra “CQ, CQ, CQ” please join us in this task and you can tell you kids and grand kids that YOU WERE THERE WHEN IT ALL BEGAN. It will be legendary.

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