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Kaufman County ARA and ARES News 06/19/2021

Hello Gang, I’m back in charge or getting the news out for ARES and the club again until I can find someone to help me out. So here we go sorry about the poor quality, we will work on that.


We sadly say good bye to R. C. N5ORO that has resigned from the positions of Interim Secretary of the Kaufman County Amateur Radio Association and the position of Team Member at Kaufman County ARES citing personal reasons. It is our fondest wish that he and his family are doing well and our best wishes go with him. He will be missed.

Kaufman County Amateur Radio Association

OK kiddies, currently new membership has slowed to a trickle. I will be attempting to come up with new ideas to jump start new membership.

Currently we are using:

  • word of mouth
  • social media
  • announcements on local nets
  • availability of a club DMR talkgroup on the TGIF network TG 75142
  • I even have a magnetic sign on the back of my van

We need your help in areas that would help in growing the membership

  • All members can help be helpings find a facility where we can start having regular in person club meetings. When you go in someplace to eat or find your self somewhere else in the county that may have a meeting room please take a few minutes to ask a few questions on how we could acquire that space.
  • We also need to be looking for a repeater site. Ray K5RCP is still in the process of getting his machine tuned up and ready to go and will Have it on the tower he already uses in the NE part of the county. I am in the process of discussing with some of the other repeater owners I know
  • to use one of there VHF repeaters as well. Looking for a site is important if they would like to relocate a machine to our county or we find a repeater of our own. Either way we will need a site. So please when you get a chance spend some time researching a site.

We are in need of an Interim Secretary for the club at this time as well. I currently have a lot going on and having someone in that position did help lessen the load considerably.

  • The Interim Club Secretary position is not a permanent position. It is written in the current by-laws of the club that the interim club officers will step down upon the election of club officers at our first regular club meeting. So if you don’t want to continue as Secretary you simply don’t run for the office.
  • The current requirements are simple.
    • Keep the Club Roster current. We currently have a membership form posted online and when the fill out the form it comes as an email and I will forward it to you.
    • Have a copy of the most current Constitution and Bylaws to send to new member and currently members when they request it
    • And occasionally send out a club update fairly regularly. I suggest once a week.

Kaufman County ARES


We had our first ARES Video meeting this last week on the Discord server with 50% attending. Thank you guys for showing up. We had one member that had an issue getting in on the server. That was an issue on the server side and we are currently addressing that. Notes from the meeting will be available on the website at www.kcares.info

We have been trying to make contact with the ARES organizations in the surrounding counties so they are aware we we are here and partner with them when we can to create more seamless management of situations where we may need to work together in the future. Overall the input I m getting is positive.

We need to keep aggressively getting the word out that there is an ARES organization in this county. Talk to your friends, tell every you meet, post about it on social media, anything you can do to get the word out. Don’t be afraid. The worst the can do is say “No Thanks”. We really have to push. The last time an ARES organization was formed in this county it initially grew to about 10 members. Half of them went inactive within the first 3 months. On they’re last day as a group only 2 showed up for a tornado in our county. We cannot afford for that to happen again.

Last but not least. I can not give you to much information here on this here. We will not share any information for any reason with KE5IGO Chris Hodgdon. You may discuss anything you like with him but nothing at all concerning our ARES organization. If you really need more information on that please feel free to contact me directly on Facebook, the Discord server, or kb5jbv@arrl.net

OK everybody thanks for sticking with me sorry this is so long but we still have a lot of activities going on here in the county and it is a very exciting time.

If you need to contact me please feel free to do so

Thanks and 73

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