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Repeater What

RF Podcast EP 33 Who’s Repeater? 2

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Spread the love  3    3SharesEpisode 33 Who’s Repeater? 2 00:00 Theme music 00:55 Intro: 01:20 Feedback: Dave, W6DTW, Made a donation. Thanks! Neil, NG5NG, likes CW and digital mode, and also made a donation. Thanks, Neil! Stan, N7ZQT, recently found the program. He runs a simplex echo station node 146.535 in Tuscon, AZ, and would like to…

Cringworthy Volume

RRA EP 32 Brutal Volume

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Spread the love  2    2Shares RRA EP 32 Brutal Volume Intro by KB5JBV who seems to have a weather fetish Skywarn Contact us Discord Server, Check the contact list Oh, almost forgot Facebook Let us know who is listening We are listener driven This time we talk about excessive volume due to microphone gain and other issues…