RF Podcast EP 39 Fascinating SDR

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RF Podcast EP 39 Fascinating SDR

Episode 39 Show Notes


00:00 Theme:

00:53 Intro: Condolences to the victims and their families of the recent violence at Ft. Hood.
Lots of activity through the Amazon link. Thank you! Remember, Christmas is coming, so use the Amazon link on the RF site for your shopping.
Tim, KI6BGE, is the second-highest donor! Thanks, Tim, for your generous donations. If you’d like to make a donation, please visit the web site and click the Donate link. Remember, if any episode has been helpful, it’s probably worth a dollar.

  • 06:30 Feedback: Re: Episode 37
  • Noel, WB0VGI, enjoyed the episode about space weather, and he operates a space weather web site at space.augsburg.edu.
  • Paul, from teenradiojourney.com, offers to help out.
  • John, EI7IG, offers his opinions about radio club “megalomaniacs”, and APRS.
  • Doug, N6LMX, shares his experiences with arrogant radio club members, and his appreciation for the podcast.
  • Bill, KA9WKA, writes to offer his experiences, good and bad, with new ham club members.

17:58 Song: “Little Red Corvette” by Mike Zito from the album “Today”

21:45 Feeback: Trevor, KE5RRR, shares his experiences with being a new ham and offers a different perspective on the hams at the radio club Richard spoke about previously.

Re: Episode 38

Nathan, NR5P, wrote to suggest a future show about class E AM transmitters, and provides links to amfone.net classeradio.com

N0MWM wrote to offer help.

N0MWU wrote to offer his reviews of various ham radio items. You can find them on his web page http://www.n0mwu.com/N0MWU/Reviews/Reviews.html

Richard wields the banhammer, and gets a response.

Don, KB2YSI, just returned to the hobby, has enjoyed the podcasts, and shares his memories of the Icom 2AT.

David, KB5YLG, reminds us of the North Central Texas Emergency Communicators’ Ham-festival (NCTECH) on November 14 in Azle, TX. For more information, visit www.wc5c.org.

Eddie, KJ6CEA, just recently found the podcast, and has been listening to them all. He’s a new ham, and is preparing to upgrade to Extra. Well done, Eddie!

42:01 Song: “Booker Twine” by Pete Anderson from the album “Even Things Up”

44:53 Topic: Richard talks about the recent Belton, TX hamfest. FlexRadio was there, and Greg WD0ACD and Dudley WA5QPZ spent some time discussing software defined radios. http://www.flex-radio.com/
Richard’s dad bought a FT-107M from Royce KB5VVT
Henry K5BUG (sorry about getting your call wrong in the podcast) was there with his Texas bug-catcher antennas.
The Side Winders on Two (SWOT) group were there, too. http://www.swotrc.net/
Richard also met with Dr. Woolweaver, K5RAV, Director of the West Gulf Division of ARRL http://www.westgulfdivision.org/.

52:05 Song: “Speak No Evil” by Tinsley Ellis from the album “Speak No Evil”

57:10 Topic: Software Defined Radios (SDR).
https://web.archive.org/web/20130723065728/http://www.flex-radio.com:80/About.aspx?topic=whatissdr Currently only Windows and Mac, but they’re working on a Linux version.

1:13:13 Closing theme: “We Gotta Go” by David Henderson

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About the Author

Richard KB5JBV has been an Amateur radio operator since 1988. He has held positions with the America Radio Relay League including but not limited to Assistant Section Manager, Official Observer, Official Relay Station, Official Emergency Station, ARES Emergency Coordinator for Kaufman County Texas, Volunteer Examiner and Technical Specialist in the North Texas section.

Richard has also served as RACES assistant radio officer for the city of Mesquite, Tx. and among numerous other duties Including club president for the HAM Association of Mesquite Texas.

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