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RF Podcast EP 49 Powerful Linux

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Spread the love       RF Podcast EP 49 Powerful Linux Mobile Episode Intro Welcome Visit the website www.rfpodcast.info Donations Bridgecom Systems (DMR Radios and Hotspots) Patreon “Become a Patron Today!” By Me A Coffee (Tip Jar) PayPal (Our old faithful donation spot) No feedback this time Topic more Linux Linux makes sense It is not hard to…


RRA EP 35 Affordable Linux

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Spread the love       Richards Radio Adventures Episode 35 Affordable Linux Welcome to Richard’s radio Adventure’s Pimpin Resonant Frequency Begging for help Help Social media sites Shownotes Episode research contributed content and more Please donate to the show to help cover expenses We do not accept advertising at this time Butt hurt over feedback note to my…