RRA EP 38 Vibrant Club

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RRA EP 38 Vibrant Club

IntroductionNew ARES UnitNew ClubSocial Media Blitz for the club and ARESFacebookTwitterMeWeTumblrRedditNew RecruitsRecruited 13 members clubRecruited 7 members ARESWorking NetsDMR SadnessWe have a TG on TGIF 75142Discord for ARES and the Club11Update on the J-pole antenna at the studioHello Cedar Creek ARCHello Garland ARCTraining up ARESOnline Club management SystemIs Your Club VibrantYour club needs to be friendly and WelcomingAcknowledge the new guysOffer activitiesHelp the OM’s acclimatizeAmateur Radio FraternityThe Division of the HAM’sAlways looking for ways to get away from everybody elseThe Dreaded 501.C3Club members are customers of the ClubClub officers are the staff of the ClubLet the Elmers teach so the new guys can learnKeep you members engagedRecruit by VERecruit by ClassesMe, Me, Me Generation has made it into Amateur RadioMe, Me, Me Generation doesn’t to be Us, Us, Us and don’t want to Help, Help, HelpLooking forward to field day a bitThanks for listening

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