RRA EP 39 Captivating Canada

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RRA EP 39 Captivating Canada

IntroWelcomeWe love our listeners all over the worldA little bit about PatreonLink for Paypal on the websiteProgress, progress, progressTowin the lineInvited by a local church to have meetingsProgress on the KCARAWebsite kcara.netTGIF Talk Group 75142Invited by a local church to have meetingsnew Discord Servers for KCARA and KCARESand everywhere elseClub is unanimousstill no repeater ArmadillosTesting Droidstar (more to Come)Then there was ARESwww.KCARES.infoStill communication issueswe even have running waterspread thin in a large countyBilly AK5DX, HELP!Simplex is barely an optionI miss Studio 1New AEC Colten W3CEW

Another nag about the websiteEnter the CanadiansJames VA3SMUOntarioI was politeWhen he persisted I was less politeCaptivating WomenIf you know who she is, She is Captivating too >>>>>>>>>>>>>>KMACurrently doing a slow re-brand of the websiteWe don’t advertise on the PodcastCharlotte has a job for life and she is Captivating as well.She and I have been together for about 16 yearsExemplifies our brandSkimpy Gal may goIf you don’t like looking at it, Don’t look at itIf you don’t want to hear it , Don’t listen to itPioneers of Amateur Radio PodcastPumping out garbage to get the numbers up so they can get you moneyYou can start you own show cheapIt is a huge commitment for one personPretty soon Resonant Frequency will be 20 years oldSome people Second City TV would have been objectionableDifferent shows have different KB5JBVsI do this for Free, Giving back to the Amateur Radio CommunityWhen I start getting paid we can run the shows by committeeResonant Frequency started as a Land Lind BBSIt was a Newsletter in the 90’sand on the web as soon as HTML was availabilityEvil Bitches on RedditLess than 10 complaints on the website since 2006Pestilence over the landYou can’t offend me, How dare you.Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

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