RRA EP 42 Basic Propagation 1

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RRA EP 42 Basic Propagation 1

WelcomeVisiting with the Van Zandt County ClubFirst Club net in Kaufman CountyPaypalPatreonStrangely enoughGood Bye Amazon Bite MePimpin’ the serversNo MusicFirst episode of the basic propagation seriesHelpin’ the new guys?Listen to shortwave stations to see if you can hereElectromagnetic SpectrumVisible light is an Electromagnetic waveOoh! Pretty ColorsWavelengths Coming SoonWatch the oceanSign WaveThree Basic Propagation ModesLine of SightGround WaveRichards Story TimeSky WaveSkipLonger the wave Length the lower the frequencyAntenna Launch AngleTriangle AnalogyMagnetic FieldNo Elmer Rant This TimeDisappointed after buying expensive equipmentLow Side of the Solar cycleNothing but staticWe miss you DonRichards Story TimeMan Made Noise?Don’t Swim Against The CurrentStart with a Dipole Not A G5RVHome WorkBuild a basic DipoleWhen 10 Meters opens it’s really quite (static wise)10 – 10 Internationalyou need a 10 Cat on your wallWire ad Solder buddyPatients HAM HopperWe’re Out

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