RRA EP 44 Basic Propagation 2

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RRA EP 44 Basic Propagation 2

IntroComing down to the restart of resonant frequencyWe need some help behind the sceneskb5jbv@gmail.comExposed to Co-Vid twiceCanton BreakdownCurrently working on a borrowed repeaterPlans are in the works for a split site repeaterAndy WY5V (Remember him?)If you can imagine it you can do it on ham radioLittle bit about the clubDonationsPaypalPatreonworking on perks for the PatreonsLinks on the websiteSend me a Dollar No adds for McDonaldsBasic Propagation part 2Plug in and turn on the radio, its a little more than thatHF Propagation depends on Solar activityJapan, California, FloridaIonosphereLong distance communicationIonized particlesF LayerF1F2E LayerD LayerSolar NumbersWWVWWVWWVH2.5 5 10 15 20 MhzNISTBolder Colorado WWVHawaii WWVHIf you can hear both you are going to have a good dayRichards Story Time

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