RRA EP 45 Basic Propagation 3 Polarization

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RRA EP 45 Basic Propagation 2 Polarization

IntroWelcomeCold snap in Texas Fall is FallingRainy season in TexasA little HousekeepingPatreon Tim KO4IVNBuy Me A CoffeeNewPayPalMentions for all donations on the showHaving to add 1 or 2 sponsorsBridgecomLosing AmazonI’m a believer in their productsTYT Radios are JunkKen N2VIP Affiliated Club Coordinator for the North Texas Section of The ARRLWe are mobile now sort ofBilly AK5DX is a repeater GODPick up a KCARA Flyer at Belton HamfestShout out to Colten W2CEW and Sandor KG4FETReally need a tone board the Yeasu FT-8100RCafe Press was a bustBasic Propagation Part 3The age old question Vertical or Horizontal PolarizationVertical antennas are a space saverGround wave is usableSpend a dollar on the Radio, spend two dollars for the antennaRichard’s Story TimeMore power doesn’t help you hear betterSSB on 27 MHZ and 2 Meters prefer horizontalRichard’s Story TimeAdvantages of a horizontal antennaWire antennas are far more forgiving when installingMan Made NoiseNatural NoiseRichard’s Story TimeTracking Down NoiseYou can loose a lot of Man made noise by having your antenna horizontallyLoop antennas have far less noise like a QuadLook into polarizationSee Ya’ll Next Time

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