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RRA EP 50 Astounding Antenna

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Spread the love        RRA EP 50 Astounding Antenna Intro Welcome Job with Amazon 60 hour weeks Alternate recording is coming Welcome the Chinese radio No feedback, shame on you Missed Russ and Cheryl Business: Mobile Antennas Antenna is important Most are the same Check the Spec’s Colinear? Isotropic Radiator? Magmount or poke a hole in…

RF Podcast EP 51 Memorizing the Test

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Spread the love  5    5Shares Studying to the Test Bridgecom Systems (DMR Radios and Hotspots) Patreon “Become a Patron Today!” By Me A Coffee (Tip Jar) PayPal (Our old faithful donation spot) Intro Welcome No nag this time Mobile in the Studio More mobile install to come… Later I was getting clubs to send me a copy…