Resonant Frequency EP 30 Deep Cycle

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Resonant Frequency EP 29 Deep Cycle

Deep Cycle

Opening them: 00:00

Intro: 00:53 We survived Christmas and New Year’s.

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Apologies for the episode being late.
Jay W5GM would like your vote for North Texas Section Manager.

Song: 06:48 “Payback Blues” by Dennis Mitchell Band, from the album “Highway Kind of Life”

Buzzword: 09:01 Participation.
For many of us, participation is simply talking on the radio during our commute to and from work.
Why not take part in a club event? It’s a great way to promote the hobby, and it’s fun!

Song: 13:29 “Harpo-Ventillation” by Mark Hummel, from the album “Mark Hummel’s Blues Harmonica Blowouts”

Topic: 15:12 SLI, Marine and Deep-cycle Batteries

  • Start, Light and Ignition (SLI) batteries are designed to deliver a lot of energy in a short time, not to deliver steady power over a long time.
  • Marine batteries are a compromise between marine and deep-cycle batteries, and share characteristics of both.
  • A deep-cycle battery is designed to be repeatedly discharged 80% of capacity and can deliver a steady current for a long period of time.
  • 24:55 Testing deep-cycle batteries

27:58 1. Inspect

29:04 2. Recharge

29:24 3. Remove surface charge

30:29 4. Measure the state-of-charge

30:49 5. Load test

32:00 6. Recharge

33:34 Use deep-cycle batteries for the radio shack, in a well-ventilated area

Song: 34:55 “Way Down the River” by Sugarcane Collins, from the album “Way Down the River”, available here:

Conclusion: 38:17

Closing theme:42:00

Glossary – See Glossary for terms used on the show.

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About the Author

Richard KB5JBV has been an Amateur radio operator since 1988. He has held positions with the America Radio Relay League including but not limited to Assistant Section Manager, Official Observer, Official Relay Station, Official Emergency Station, ARES Emergency Coordinator for Kaufman County Texas, Volunteer Examiner and Technical Specialist in the North Texas section.

Richard has also served as RACES assistant radio officer for the city of Mesquite, Tx. and among numerous other duties Including club president for the HAM Association of Mesquite Texas.

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