Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 015 Linux in the ham shack.

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ITU Phonetics.
A good article is Voice Communications – ITU Phonetics, Why? by D. W. Thorne, K6SOJ. (The link is to a PDF article.)

Linux in the ham shack.
Linux is free; free of charge and free to modify. Advantages: free, stable, runs well on older equipment, and is generally very easy to install. Richard discusses distributions, repositories, and installing ham radio programs.
Popular distributions are Debian, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu. (Your faithful editor likes Linux Mint, another Debian-based distribution. -Ed.) Most of the popular distributions offer so-called “live” CDs that allow you to boot the CD to try Linux without modifying your hard disk. If you wish, you can then install Linux on your hard disk from the live CD and even set things up to “dual boot” either Windows or Linux.

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Richard KB5JBV has been an Amateur radio operator since 1988. He has held positions with the America Radio Relay League including but not limited to Assistant Section Manager, Official Observer, Official Relay Station, Official Emergency Station, ARES Emergency Coordinator for Kaufman County Texas, Volunteer Examiner and Technical Specialist in the North Texas section.

Richard has also served as RACES assistant radio officer for the city of Mesquite, Tx. and among numerous other duties Including club president for the HAM Association of Mesquite Texas.

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