Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 018 Cody, HAARP Array and Stealth Antennas

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This time HAARP Array, Stealth antennas and Los Lonely Boys. You really cant beat it and our Buzz word is Guy Wire

Contact Info For Richard KB5JBV:

About the Author

Richard KB5JBV has been an Amateur radio operator since 1988. He has held positions with the America Radio Relay League including but not limited to Assistant Section Manager, Official Observer, Official Relay Station, Official Emergency Station, ARES Emergency Coordinator for Kaufman County Texas, Volunteer Examiner and Technical Specialist in the North Texas section.

Richard has also served as RACES assistant radio officer for the city of Mesquite, Tx. and among numerous other duties Including club president for the HAM Association of Mesquite Texas.

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  1. Michael D Bolton - Reply

    1. Kids in Mesquite are too busy causing trouble and having the cops called on them to bother with any technology other than their cellphones.
    2. “Pawns of the Government?” Involved with secret tests? Where’s my paycheck? 馃槅

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