Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 16 Show Notes

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Episode 16 Show Notes

Opening theme:00:00

Intro: 00:32 We are not dead!


The problems here: everything was ready to go, but a lightning strike zapped several computers and other equipment, so the work on the episode was lost. Sorry for the delay in getting this one out. Over 700 on the Frappr map! We were #1 on the iTunes Amateur Radio podcasts!
After the lightning strike, we had a death in the family, and a birth. It’s been busy!

Frappr map: 01:30

Hello to OH2FFY, KB2SDR, KI6BGE, N3IA, KD0AIN, W4BWQ, KG4OLW, KC9GPJ, Cody, WB8NBA, KD7WTE, KE4RRG, G1WVV, W1JKS, KI4LMR, N6LPV, KC2RRT, C, Mark, Lee, Ray, Kevin, Jason, and unidentified listeners.

Feedback: 09:10

Jim N0UWY writes about troubles with the Frappr map. If you’re using Linux, you’ll need to have the Flash player installed to access the Frappr map.

Adam KC2RRT is a recent listener, and a recent ham. He’s also working with his scout troop to get them interested. He’s enjoying the shows, and suggests a more in-depth episode on EchoLink.

Nate WY0X says that the URL for Episode 15 is wrong, or the file is missing. That should be fixed now. The episode has been reposted and seems to be working correctly.

Tim KI6BGE recently upgraded to General, likes the show and the music. Tim is also on D-Star and enjoys using Ubuntu Linux.

Donations: 18:36

Resonant Frequency needs your donations, now more than ever. We’re still recovering from the lightning strike. Every dollar helps. Click the Donate link on the website.

In the meantime, we’re going to a monthly schedule of new episodes.
Send in your suggestions for topics for future shows.

If you’re listening from outside the US, send in a link to the amateur radio rules and regulations for your country.

If you’d like to reach Richard on DMR, contact him on the Brandmeister TG 3148

Song: 24:02

Buzzword: 26:03

Part 97, officially “Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 97 (47 CFR Part 97)”, the rules and regulations covering the amateur radio service.

The ARRL website has a nice presentation of the document.

This time, Richard discusses Section 97.1, Basis and purpose.

Song: 35:50

Topic: 37:39 EchoLink. Richard provides an general overview of what EchoLink is, how to set it up, and how to use it.

Song: 54:13

Conclusion: 55:26

Closing theme:61:27

Contact Info For Richard KB5JBV:

About the Author

Richard KB5JBV has been an Amateur radio operator since 1988. He has held positions with the America Radio Relay League including but not limited to Assistant Section Manager, Official Observer, Official Relay Station, Official Emergency Station, ARES Emergency Coordinator for Kaufman County Texas, Volunteer Examiner and Technical Specialist in the North Texas section.

Richard has also served as RACES assistant radio officer for the city of Mesquite, Tx. and among numerous other duties Including club president for the HAM Association of Mesquite Texas.

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