Resonant Frequency EP 26 Show Notes

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Show Notes

Resonant Frequency EP 26 Multimeter and Heisenberg Show Notes

Show Notes


As of this recording, there have been 680 downloads of Resonant Frequency, The Amateur Radio Podcast.  Thanks!
The media has blown the last two hurricanes all out of proportion.
Randy, K7AGE, agrees that a 2-meter handy-talk is a good first radio. (Check out Randy's youtube videos.
Ray, KJ4CNN, writes to express his appreciation for the last episode discussing the humble HT.  He, too, started with a handy-talk.  

Buying used equipment is an inexpensive way to assemble a station.  He likes the music on the podcast, too.

Don, no call given, of western Washington state, just recently started listening to the podcast, and learns something from each one. 

He agrees that a new ham would be better served with a radio without all the bells and whistles.  

It's not how much you spend, it's how much enjoyment you get out of what you spend.

Joe, NE2Z, says the podcast tastes just fine.

Neil, of Sugarland TX, will be taking his ham license exam in the near future. He enjoys the podcast, the music, and the draaaawl. Good luck, Neil!
Art, KE5JLB, appreciates the podcast and made a donation.  His wife, Roberta is a ham, too, KC0YLO, and they're just starting into digital modes.  

It's the hobby of a lifetime.

Art, KE5JLB, must have thought that every episode was worth a dollar!  Thanks, Art.
Use the Amazon link from the web site, or through PayPal.  If you're not comfortable with PayPal, KB5JBV is good in the callbook and on 

We're just $40 away from a new microphone, and a better recording computer is on the way.  All donations are invested in making the podcast better.
21:57  Look for Episode 1 of Linux in the Ham Shack podcast, produced by Russ K5TUX and Richard, in the near future.             

23:23  Our main feature this time is presented by Ron, VK2DQ, of the Radio & Electronics School website . 

Ron will talk about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  He also sent an article about an off-center-fed dipole and that's posted on the web site.

Song: 25:20  
"Let Me Love You" by Magic Slim & the Teardrops from the album "Midnight Blues"

Buzzword: 27:27  
The multimeter.  The one indispensable piece of test equipment for the radio shack.  

At the most basic level, you can use it to test for continuity in cables. (Also, you can test the voltage of batteries and power supplies. -Ed.)

Song: 32:39  "Black Guitar" by Papa Don McMinn from the album "Southern Roots Rockers Vol. 1"
Topic: 34:17  
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, presented by Ron, VK2DQ. 

The very act of measuring alters the quantity being measured.  The finer the measurement, the greater the uncertainty.  

But, for most everyday measurements, the uncertainty isn't significant.  

However, in amateur radio and electronics, the effect of the instrument may be significant.  

For example, inserting an ammeter in a circuit to measure the current, the internal resistance of the ammeter will reduce the current we're trying to measure.  

Similarly, measuring the voltage across a resistor would add a resistance in parallel to the one we're trying to measure.  So, consider the effect your test instrument may have on what you're measuring.

Song: 54:00  
"Beast of Burden" by Altered Five from the album "Bluesified"

 Conclusion: 56:53
 Closing theme: 59:56
Glossary - See Glossary for terms used on the show.

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Richard has also served as RACES assistant radio officer for the city of Mesquite, Tx. and among numerous other duties Including club president for the HAM Association of Mesquite Texas.

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