Get rid of the snake oil salesmen

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OK so next lets weed out the snake oil salesmen. When I say snake oil salesmen I mean anybody that makes the majority of their income from the writing, talking, making movies about the paranormal.

We have an abundance of folks these days that trade on titles that they acquired years ago to convince people they are credible. In my opinion calling yourself a physicist when you haven’t worked in that field for over twenty years is just like a psychic doing cold readings and charging a couple of hundred dollars. If we follow that line of thinking I should call myself “High School Student” and that was a long time ago. How can someone have objectivity concerning evidence in a case of the paranormal, UFO’s, or Bigfoot when it is putting food on their table and pays their bills.

The next snake oil salesman we need to look at is the one that takes a report of activity that is barely believable and blows it out of proportion hoping that it will make their name more recognizable. The one that stands out for me is a set of photos that came out of California a few years ago. Well I can only say to that paranormal big shot is if she wants to know where that particular UFO came from she needs to watch the Terminator: Sarah Chronicles (It barely ran 2 seasons). Find the answers there she will. Oh that same researcher can also answer her cattle mutilation questions by leaving her high dollar leather jacket outside in the driveway on a hot summer day.

Then we have the Psychics. Now I am not going to say the are all fake. I will say that taking money from people for lying and doing cold readings is criminal. I have met a couple of psychics that I found credible but the vast majority seem to have graduated from the Ms. Cleo and Sylvia Brown school of fleecing the marks. Old Sylvia even convinced Montel Williams that she was legit. Prove it or move on. If any of you psychics feel I am in error send me an email and tell me some specific about my past or present or even better “Call Me Now”.

These are the most common snake oil salesmen but they are not the only ones. There is a guy that has a piece of equipment that he swears lets him talk to the dead in real time but he is the only one that can use it.

There is a guy in Arizona that tells some really good stories about Lizard men that live in the mountains outside Phoenix, I believe he is going to write a book. Go figure.

There is even a guy that is fairly well known in the paranormal field that has been telling the most unbelievable load of crap for years with no proof and is ramping up to write his own book.

Believers in and researchers of the paranormal are constantly complaining that no one takes the seriously. Well look around. Gene and Dave at the Paracast are afraid to put author and lecturer Stanton Friedman on the hot seat but they have no problem with talking about how anyone would be out of their mind to believe Billy Meyer. Not only are we not credible, were in consistent.

Get rid of these folks, clear the dead wood. In doing so you will bring the deserved credibility to the folks that are out there doing the work.

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Linda Moulton Howe

Originally posted on my website “Paranormal Stuff For The Simple Minded” May 23, 2008

What the hell is wrong with this women?

Well let me back up a minute. My BS detector is running full tilt over this gal.

I had almost let go of my anger over her running around in west Texas a few years ago propagating the “Cattle Mutilation Myth”. Come on Linda, every school kid in Texas knows what a cow looks like after it has cooked in the Texas summer sun for a couple of days. Let us also not forget the opportunistic scavengers while I am thinking about it. “Oh no, there is no way a varmint could have eaten the tongue out of that dead cow!” Damn Linda, you’ve done wildlife documentaries, Give me a break.

For those that don’t know in the summer of last year (2007) some photo shopped pictures appeared of a goofy looking supposed space ship with “Star Wars” lettering all over it. Well Linda is sure they are real. It doesn’t matter that every imaging expert that has examined them has certified that they are crap.

Now I don’t care what a person does to their own credibility but there are folks out there that believe her her crap. Ben Grundy over at Mysterious Universe is one of them. Now I have the highest regard for Ben. He is a top notch podcaster, but these “Chad” pictures are even starting to undermine his credibility.

All I ask is “Linda find something that is not so totally fake”. Your turning into Whitley Strieber, He has been flogging the same grey aliens for thirty years and his credibility is none existant.

More to come kiddos

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