Get rid of the snake oil salesmen

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OK so next lets weed out the snake oil salesmen. When I say snake oil salesmen I mean anybody that makes the majority of their income from the writing, talking, making movies about the paranormal.

We have an abundance of folks these days that trade on titles that they acquired years ago to convince people they are credible. In my opinion calling yourself a physicist when you haven’t worked in that field for over twenty years is just like a psychic doing cold readings and charging a couple of hundred dollars. If we follow that line of thinking I should call myself “High School Student” and that was a long time ago. How can someone have objectivity concerning evidence in a case of the paranormal, UFO’s, or Bigfoot when it is putting food on their table and pays their bills.

The next snake oil salesman we need to look at is the one that takes a report of activity that is barely believable and blows it out of proportion hoping that it will make their name more recognizable. The one that stands out for me is a set of photos that came out of California a few years ago. Well I can only say to that paranormal big shot is if she wants to know where that particular UFO came from she needs to watch the Terminator: Sarah Chronicles (It barely ran 2 seasons). Find the answers there she will. Oh that same researcher can also answer her cattle mutilation questions by leaving her high dollar leather jacket outside in the driveway on a hot summer day.

Then we have the Psychics. Now I am not going to say the are all fake. I will say that taking money from people for lying and doing cold readings is criminal. I have met a couple of psychics that I found credible but the vast majority seem to have graduated from the Ms. Cleo and Sylvia Brown school of fleecing the marks. Old Sylvia even convinced Montel Williams that she was legit. Prove it or move on. If any of you psychics feel I am in error send me an email and tell me some specific about my past or present or even better “Call Me Now”.

These are the most common snake oil salesmen but they are not the only ones. There is a guy that has a piece of equipment that he swears lets him talk to the dead in real time but he is the only one that can use it.

There is a guy in Arizona that tells some really good stories about Lizard men that live in the mountains outside Phoenix, I believe he is going to write a book. Go figure.

There is even a guy that is fairly well known in the paranormal field that has been telling the most unbelievable load of crap for years with no proof and is ramping up to write his own book.

Believers in and researchers of the paranormal are constantly complaining that no one takes the seriously. Well look around. Gene and Dave at the Paracast are afraid to put author and lecturer Stanton Friedman on the hot seat but they have no problem with talking about how anyone would be out of their mind to believe Billy Meyer. Not only are we not credible, were in consistent.

Get rid of these folks, clear the dead wood. In doing so you will bring the deserved credibility to the folks that are out there doing the work.

Stay tuned

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Who’s Rights?

(Originally posted on Facebook November 11, 2015)

Ok, I’m tired of this. I am tired of people attacking the faith of others. No, not the faith of others. The faith of Christians. You don’t see Atheists attacking Buddhist or Jews. They don’t outright attack Islam. Probably they would get their ass kicked but they are always on board to attack any Christian because of their faith.

I don’t tread on your right to be an Atheist in public or in schools. Why is it such a big deal to you what I believe? I re-posted a picture the other day of a child with a board in front of them that said “Dear Atheist, If you don’t believe in God why do you care if I pray to him”. The one Atheist that spoke up responded “Because you will grow up thinking that it is OK to attempt to suppress the rights of people who disagree with your religious influenced views.”. What rights? Tell me.

I can’t pray at a public assembly. My children and grandchildren can’t pray in school. WHAT RIGHTS? There is currently a battle going on in Childress Texas where the Freedom FROM Religion Foundation is trying to get “In God We Trust ” removed from the police cars in that city. Why? The Police Chief has told them to “go fly a kite”. Since more and more police departments are adding the motto of the Units to their fleets, the FFRF might just find themselves pretty busy in the years to come.

Indecently, The first amendment to the constitution reads.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Looks like the Atheist are walking all over our rights. I don’t see the Atheist running down to take the Code of Hammurabi out of the libraries but you cant even have a plaque or monument with the Ten Commandments in a public area. I wonder how long it will be before you cant have the Ten commandments, Angels, or crosses in a graveyard.

So Atheist, you need to get your business straight. I understand that you don’t want to be reminded what is at the end of the road. Let me ask you which is a better bet. Betting on something that might be true and finding out its not or betting against something that might be true and it turns out that it is. You decide.

Now a short note to the Christians. If you are as fed up as I am lets do something about. I propose that we start a foundation for our own self defense since the Atheist are gunning for us and there is strength in numbers. I say we start the “Legalize Christianity Foundation” and take back our first amendment right to the freedom of religion. If we get enough people on board we can turn the tide maybe we could start a Facebook group. Don’t forget to Like, Share, or re-post this wherever you like.

So make sure you take a little time to contemplate my theses words and shut the hell up.

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Gun Media

Ok, I’ve been putting some thought to this.

We live in a world where guns and gun violence is glorified in all manner of media and young children are never exposed to responsible gun owners unless their family members own and use firearms in a responsible fashion.

So I propose that we lobby Congress to institute a ban on all media that glorifies gun violence such as movies, television, music, video games, printed matter. I do understand that the film industry and some musical genres will suffer greatly but I feel this is a good idea.

I grew up in the Vietnam era and my father was a police officer. As a child I couldn’t walk through the house I grew up in without being able to reach out and put my hand on a firearm. I never did this of course because my father would have set my backside on fire. We could also use more “Whoopin’s” too but that is a subject for another post.

As a child I played with toy guns. As an adult I have had to defend myself and others three different times with a firearm but I have never gone into a grocery store or public school and shot up the place.

The second amendment is there to protect us from those that might enslave us not to irritate people that are afraid because they have never been exposed to responsible gun owners.

So no more grand theft auto. No more action films. No more gangster hip hop and before you start with the censorship argument think about where you’re reading this.

Thanks for your time.

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