Linda Moulton Howe

Originally posted on my website “Paranormal Stuff For The Simple Minded” May 23, 2008

What the hell is wrong with this women?

Well let me back up a minute. My BS detector is running full tilt over this gal.

I had almost let go of my anger over her running around in west Texas a few years ago propagating the “Cattle Mutilation Myth”. Come on Linda, every school kid in Texas knows what a cow looks like after it has cooked in the Texas summer sun for a couple of days. Let us also not forget the opportunistic scavengers while I am thinking about it. “Oh no, there is no way a varmint could have eaten the tongue out of that dead cow!” Damn Linda, you’ve done wildlife documentaries, Give me a break.

For those that don’t know in the summer of last year (2007) some photo shopped pictures appeared of a goofy looking supposed space ship with “Star Wars” lettering all over it. Well Linda is sure they are real. It doesn’t matter that every imaging expert that has examined them has certified that they are crap.

Now I don’t care what a person does to their own credibility but there are folks out there that believe her her crap. Ben Grundy over at Mysterious Universe is one of them. Now I have the highest regard for Ben. He is a top notch podcaster, but these “Chad” pictures are even starting to undermine his credibility.

All I ask is “Linda find something that is not so totally fake”. Your turning into Whitley Strieber, He has been flogging the same grey aliens for thirty years and his credibility is none existant.

More to come kiddos

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The Taos Hum

Let us consider for a moment The Taos Hum.

For those that are not familiar with the Taos Hum. The Taos Hum is a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming noise heard by residents of Taos, New Mexico.

Residents describe it as sounding like “a diesel truck idling in the distance”. Some people hear the Hum continuously, but others perceive it periodically. For some people, the perceived hum can represent a faint sound and a mild annoyance.

For others who perceive the hum or vibrations more intensely it represents a nuisance that can seriously interfere with daily activities.

A common problem associated with the hum is a lack of sleep. The hum can keep some people awake or wake them in the middle of the night. Such cases have given rise to the expression “Hum sufferers.”

In the early 1990s residents in and around Taos, New Mexico and soon became known to the American public. The University of New Mexico was ask to investigate complaints from many citizens living near the town of Taos, New Mexico.

This caught the attention of the media and the Taos Hum was born. In other areas the hum is labeled by the location like the Bristol Hum. Unxplainable low frequency hums tend to be reported in different parts of the world such as Taos, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Europe just to name a few.

Well what the heck is going on!

There are many theories on what the hum might be. In the case of Kokomo, Indiana, the source of the hum was thought to have been traced to two sources. The first was fans in a cooling tower at the local Chrysler plant emitting a 36 Hz tone. The second was an air compressor at the Haynes plant emitting a 10 Hz tone. Seems to me this is possible. Audio frequencies my be able to mix and create a third frequency. When this happens with radio frequencies it is called inter-modulation distortion.

Other possible causes include:

Man-made noises

Infrasound made by geological events

Pulsed microwaves

Electromagnetic waves caused by meteors

Extremely low frequency communications systems

Ionospheric heating systems


The tensor tympani muscle making the eardrum tremble

So as you can see this phenomena is much larger than we can cover in a single blog post. It is however something that might be the focus of further examination. My best advice at this point is if this subject appeals to you them “Go forth upon the web and reap the copious amount of the instant information available on this subject.” I know I will be trying to find out more.

Of course, I currently have my own theory. I feel the Taos Hum can be explained as a military black project to communicate with crypto terrestrials at a U2 / Joe Walsh rock concert inside their secret base / spaceport at the center of the hollow Earth or it could just be my neighbors rolling boom box making its way through my neighborhood.

But that is just my theory.

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