Linda Moulton Howe

Originally posted on my website “Paranormal Stuff For The Simple Minded” May 23, 2008

What the hell is wrong with this women?

Well let me back up a minute. My BS detector is running full tilt over this gal.

I had almost let go of my anger over her running around in west Texas a few years ago propagating the “Cattle Mutilation Myth”. Come on Linda, every school kid in Texas knows what a cow looks like after it has cooked in the Texas summer sun for a couple of days. Let us also not forget the opportunistic scavengers while I am thinking about it. “Oh no, there is no way a varmint could have eaten the tongue out of that dead cow!” Damn Linda, you’ve done wildlife documentaries, Give me a break.

For those that don’t know in the summer of last year (2007) some photo shopped pictures appeared of a goofy looking supposed space ship with “Star Wars” lettering all over it. Well Linda is sure they are real. It doesn’t matter that every imaging expert that has examined them has certified that they are crap.

Now I don’t care what a person does to their own credibility but there are folks out there that believe her her crap. Ben Grundy over at Mysterious Universe is one of them. Now I have the highest regard for Ben. He is a top notch podcaster, but these “Chad” pictures are even starting to undermine his credibility.

All I ask is “Linda find something that is not so totally fake”. Your turning into Whitley Strieber, He has been flogging the same grey aliens for thirty years and his credibility is none existant.

More to come kiddos

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